How to Remove admin privilege in the Zkt eco biometric/time attendance devices?

Here is the scenario,
If the admin or the manager of the time attendance and biometric device resigned accidentally.
Due to some reason, the admin who operates the ZKT time attendance device could not attend to the company.
If you purchase a used time attendance or access control device.
For adding, deleting the employee or changing the time and date of the device, alter the ethernet settings for connecting with the PC.
In all the above scenarios you have to remove the admin privilege of the device.

Here are the simple steps to remove admin privileges from ZK time attendance and access control device :

1: Open attendance management software

2: Select the device in the machine list and click on the connect button. And make sure the device is connected.

3:  Click on Device Management in the menu bar, and then a drop-down list will open here you click on AC Manage.

4: After clicking on AC Manage open a new window, here click on the advanced function button.

5: After opening this window click on clear admin privilege, and there you go. you have successfully removed the admin from the ZK time attendance/access control device.

finally, you can give permission to the admin or normal user or add, edit and remove employees.