Hikvision: Forgot Password of Hikvision DVR ! No Worry, How to reset password?

Hikvision is a leader in, the video surveillance industry in the world. Today most of the country and businesses choose Hikvision over all other CCTV companies. With high-quality video resolution, a friendly user interface, and cost-effective, and supportive customer support.
With all over those features the security of the devices is little ridicule, all over the data like serial number password and verification code, saved in Hikvision server. Customers forget the password of DVR/NVR and the camera is very common.
Normally most of the company provide a reset button in the DVR/NVR or in the camera. But Hikvision does not. Here I provide step by step guide to how to reset passwords of Hikvision devices.

Step 1: 

Download the Hikvision SADPTool software from this link.

SADP software is used for searching the online devices in the same network. It supports viewing the device information, activating the device, editing the network parameters of the device and resetting the device password, etc.

Step 2:

After Installation, the SADP tool select particular Devices and click export.

Here select the desired folder on your computer give the name of the CSV file and click Confirm.

Step 3:

After the export is done the CSV file of the device, click on Forgot password.

This window open on click on forget button, here you have to click on the Export button.
Select desired folder and make export this.

Step 4:

Log in with your Email Account and compose an Email on these Email addresses.


 Middle East - support.mena@hikvision.com

 Europe  - support.eu@hikvision.com

 India     - support@pramahikvision.com

hikvision password reset email sample

Now attach all files which are exported by SADP Tool software. And send the support team of the Hikvision.
On working days maybe the same day or after the day technical support team provide the CSV file for resetting the password.

Step 5:

Again Open the SADP software and click on the forget password.


Step 6: 

Select Import File on this new window and import the CSV file provided by the technical team by Hikvision.
In the text box put a new password two times and click confirm and there you go your password resetting is successful.

Note: During all this process DVR must be powered on. If password resetting fails, again send another email to the technical support team of Hikvision.