Best IP-Scanner for Video Surveillance and IP camera management.

IP Scanner also known as a network scanner is a software tool designed to discover and identify the devices connected within the network. Its primary function is to collect information about each device, such as its IP address, hostname, MAC address and Port. 

In the case of a small 4-camera project where there is no television available you have to connect the DVR/NVR/IP Camera directly to the LAN of the Laptop or desktop and with the help of an IP Scanner, you get their IP address, After getting the IP address you can go easily with any web browser and program and activate the devices.

 In a video surveillance system (CCTV), an IP scanner can be used for

  • Identify IP Camera and their DVR and NVR respectively.

  • IP Address Management.

  • Identify Security Breach.

  • Troubleshooting and Health Checker.

  • Activating DVR/NVR and IP Camera.

  • Avoid IP conflict of the devices.

Best IP scanner for video surveillance:

When it comes to selecting the best IP scanner for video surveillance there are several options available each with its own features. Here are a few top choices that you can consider for a CCTV or video surveillance system. 

Advanced IP Scanner:

advanced IP scanner
Screenshot of Software Advanced IP Scanner
Advanced IP Scanner is a lightweight, simply effective, open-source IP scanner. It is known for its simple interface and fast scanning capabilities. As it's named, this IP scanner provides more advanced features like Camera discovery, device information, remote management, export and report etc. There is no need to make an account to use this software.
Note: Available for only Microsoft Windows.
Download Advanced IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner:

Angry IP Scanner

While it might not have advanced features but it's a good choice for basic IP camera management.
Note: Available for both platforms Microsoft Windows and macOS.
Download Angry IP Scanner

Fing IP Scanner:

fing ip scanner

Fing is also a very famous and useful network scanner app available for both desktop and mobile. Fing also offers several features like device discovery,  device details, network security and remote access. In video surveillance, Fing can be useful for scanning the IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs connected to the same network and can program and manage all devices. It also provides the health of the cameras, offline or online. 
Note: Available for both platforms Microsoft Windows and MacOS.
Download Fing

SADP for Hikvision:

sadp for Hikvision

Stands for Subnet Address Discovery Protocol is an IP Scanner and tool for Hikvision IP devices designed and developed by Hikvision. It can search online devices in the same network and provide all the details of the devices like IP addresses, ports, Device type, serial number and much more. With the help of the SADP tool, you can activate, edit network parameters and reset the password of Hikvision DVR, NVR and IP cameras.
Note: Available for both platforms Microsoft Windows and MacOS.

Config Tool For Dahua:

Config Tool for Dahua

The Dahua Config tool is a software application that allows the configuration of Dahua DVR, NVR and IP cameras. It is a very useful tool for finding and setting up Dahua cameras that are connected to the same LAN, It can change the password, network parameters and update the device firmware.
Note: Available for both platforms Microsoft Windows and MacOS.

IP Finder/IP Detect or Device Search For CP-Plus:

CP-Plus IP-Detect

IP Finder or Device Search is a utility tool designed and developed by CP-Plus. It can locate and identify the CP-Plus surveillance devices with the help of their IP addresses, which are connected to the same network. This tool can be very helpful in network scanning, Data Display, IP address management, Changing the device password, Resetting the configuration and upgrading the devices. CP-Plus IP Detect software can also calculate the storage and days of the recording.
Note: Available for only Microsoft Windows.
Download IP Detect