Essential CCTV Installation Tools: Expert Tips

CCTV installation is simple as well as tricky work and if anyone wants to become a CCTV installer then they must have complete knowledge of installation tools and their use. In this article, we discuss the CCTV tools used for installation and maintenance of Video surveillance cameras.
Hope this CCTV tools suggestion helps new installers or knowledge seekers to understand for self-CCTV system installation and maintenance.

Note: We recommend all tools purchased by you should come with a good brand and good quality because it saves your time and helps in the long term.

List of CCTV tools:
  • Crimping Tool
  • Hammer Drill
  • Screw Driver or Rotary Drill
  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Pliers
  • Cutter
  • Level
  • Cable Tester
  • Cable Tie and Clips
  • Adhesive tape
  • Fischer/Wall Plug
  • Drill Bit Set

Crimping Tool:

Crimping Tool

Crimp tools are an essential tool for Network professionals and surveillance camera installers. Generally, it is used for IP camera installation. Mainly Rj-45 crimping tool is used for Cat 5e and Cat6 cables. It makes the RJ-45 connector on both ends of the cable. 

Hammer Drill:

A crucial tool for video surveillance installation, It is used for mounting the cameras, passing the cables from the wall, Installing of Junction box and putting a CCTV Cabinet on the wall.

Hammer Drill

Screw Driver/Rotary Drill:

After completing the holes for mounting the camera, you should put the screw into the camera stand and with the help of a screwdriver or rotary drill tightens the camera on the position.

Cordless Screw driver and manual Screw driver

It allows cameras to adjust the viewing angle. In the case of maintenance or replacement of the camera, you need also a screwdriver.


In CCTV installation, the hammer is generally used for cable management. It is used for nailing plastic clips which hold the camera cable.



Must have tool for the installers, Ladder can help to install cameras at the height position. In the case of maintenance, it will be necessary to reach the high spots safely.

An installer Using Ladder for arranging CCTV cables


Pliers are used in various tasks like Cutting excess cable lengths, zip ties, crimping RJ-59 and RJ-6 cables for making BNC connectors and gripping and holding small components like Screws and bolts. 


There are many kinds of pliers available in the market like combination pliers, Needle Nose Pliers Linesman Pliers etc.
Due to all the above useful features, pliers would be great tools for CCTV installation.


A cutter involves cutting and striping the CCTV cables and while managing cables it can be used as a cable tie trimmer.

Cutter Tool

In the case of making BNC connectors, it is used for stripping cable jackets to punch the connector.


The level is also a very important tool for CCTV installers, It can help installers to install a Cabinet of CCTV, Monitor and Camera straight and level.

Level tool

Cable Tester:

CCTV and Network Cable tester

To quickly find the issue of not working cameras, first should check the cable condition. This can be checked by the Wire tracker tracer device. Cable tester saves time by identifying fault issues like breaks, shorts or miswiring.

Cable Tie:

Cable Tie helps to organize and manage CCTV cables. It is a low-cost easy-to-use item for properly arranging cables.

Cable tie for managing cables

Adhesive Tape:

Adhesive tape is also a very important accessory for making BNC connectors and insulating wires in the condition of joints of cables.
In the absence of cable ties, it can also be helpful in managing cables.

Electric or Adhesive Tape

Fischer/Wall Plug:

Wall plugs or fishers are used for attaching CCTV cameras to the wall or ceiling, CCTV cabinet installation, securing CCTV junction box and Mounting DVR and NVR on walls.
After drilling is done the hole size is generally big and the screw size is always 2MM less than the drill bit itself due to this we use a wall plug to tighten the CCTV cameras. This ensures CCTV cameras to firmly attached to the wall.

Wall plug/Fisher

Drill Bit Set:

A Drill Bit Set is used for making holes in Walls, Wood and metal. This is a very essential tool for CCTV system installation.
With the help of a drill bit set you can holes for CCTV Cabinets, Video camera installation and making holes for cable passing through walls.

Drill Bit