How to change language of ZKT time attendance and Access control devices.

To change the language of the ZKTeco biometric and time attendance device, you have to follow these simple steps:

Access the Menu:

Locate the menu button on the device, labelled "M/Ok" and click that button to access the all menu of the device.

ZKT eco menu button

In the case of the administrator put the finger of the admin role or enter the password for accessing the menu.

Navigate to "Personalise":

Find the menu name Personalise and press ok to open the list of languages available for selection.

ZKT time attendance menu list

Navigate to "User Interface":

After clicking on Personalise you will get the User interface. Click on the User interface to get the Choose Language menu.

User interface Menu ZKT

Save and Exit:

Select the desired language from the list in the languages setting, save changes, and exit the menu. Here your device will restart to change the effect of the language change.

Language Menu ZKT

Language Selection Menu ZKT