P2P (Point to Point) Wireless Telecommunication | Making CCTV industry wireless, limitless and boundaryless.

What is P2P?

Point to Point-P2P is a wireless communication link between two devices over a large area without the need for extensive cabling. The connection in P2P-wireless is delivered through radio waves or optical lasers. P2P provides security and privacy because data on this network is not on the public internet. P2P transmission with one sender and one receiver is also known as unicasting. The packet sent may have to visit one or more intermediate hosts before it reaches to destination. Point-to-point communication needs an uninterrupted line of sight between two nodes (sender-receiver) due to interruption between two nodes the quality of signal or data transfer may be very low or maybe signal cut.

log range p2p

Extensive Use by the CCTV Industry:

a ptz camera with point to point wireless access point

A PTZ camera with a p2p wireless access point.

P2P-wireless technology miraculously changes the CCTV industry, If we talk about all over-the-road surveillance, city surveillance, park surveillance and farmhouse surveillance there is only one best option P2P-wireless. It's reducing the cabling mechanism, due to this cost of maintenance is low and the installation process is very fast.
With this technology, one major advantage is data can move in bidirectional so you can send internet connections with CCTV video data.

Connecting  a school building with a long range of Access Point P2P

Surveillance of Road: 

P2P-wireless is widely used in the surveillance of traffic and roads. Nowadays there are many kinds of cameras available for traffic violators. All connect with a monitoring building
Example: Seat belt Violation, Red light violation, Lane change violation

Surveillance of Big Industrial Plant: 

CCTV in industries will increase security across the estates, logging details and registrations and identifying unauthorised vehicles through high-quality footage. Some of the industries are spread over a wide area. Entry gate and operation or production department distance between in miles. In this scenario, it is best to put a p2p wireless system for fast and quick installation.

Surveillance of Elevator / Lift: 

Multi-storey hotels, shopping complexes or apartments have elevators. Lifts without cameras have a significant risk of theft, breach the building security and violation of code of conduct. Old solutions like high-tension ethernet cables running with the elevator shaft have many drawbacks. Installation is more extensive and complex sometimes during the test cable broke. With the help of wireless P2P can install IP surveillance cameras easily.

p2p Wi-Fi technique for elevator surveillance

Surveillance of Park and Public Places: 

It is a very costly and time taken job to cabling every place in the park to install the camera. With the help of P2P-wireless  technology, every place in the park can be surveillance with CCTV cameras.

Surveillance of multi-sites in one place:   

A company or supermarket may have many branches in the same city and have one head office. The CEO of the company wants all branches of cameras monitored and surveillance from head office. With the help of P2P wireless devices, you can connect all branches of video surveillance cameras with every ethernet device connected to the network.

A Guest House using IP camera with a small-range AP