How to Backup Video from Hikvision DVR/NVR Old UI: A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether it is your business or your home security is so important for your peace of mind in today's world. And to make your premises safe, Hikvision stood firm with 20-30% of the world's video surveillance market share. Hikvision's reliability, video quality, wide range of products and global presence and support make it the first choice for CCTV installers and customers.
In this post, I will show you the step-by-step process to easily back up videos from Hikvision devices into an external device like a USB or HDD.

Note: Before performing the below step for backup you should check device's storage or Hard Disk Drive working or not. Check whether the date and time are correct or not. Simply go to the playback option and check whether the date of interest is marked blue or not, if not then there is no footage available for backup.

Step 1: Insert USB or External Drive

For making the backup from the Hikvision device you should have inserted an external USB drive into the USB port. There are two USB ports available on any NVR or DVR, one for the mouse and another for the external USB drive.

Hikvision DVR USB insertion

Step 2: Select Menu

Right-click the mouse on anywhere on the screen for quick menu options. The below screen will open. Simply click on the "Menu" option to access the DVR/NVR user interface to back up the video.

Hikvision menu page

Step 3: Authorization step

Put the login credentials like username and password or if you have previously set the lock pattern then draw the pattern for login.

login interface Hikvision

Step 3: Navigate to the Menu Export

After logging successfully, you get a big menu screen which has multiple options. you have to navigate to 'Export' and click on it.
Hikvision Export menu for backup video

Step 3: Select the Date and Time for the Backup

If you want to backup footage from specific cameras, you need to select that particular camera in the list.
Select the search parameter by selecting the start and the end date and time and then click

Hikvision export video

Step 4: Select the File for backup or Export

Select the thumbnail you want to backup and click export or you can just click export all in the case of all files to backup.

Video Backup thumbnail export

Step 5: Choosing the external storage device

Select the external storage and ensure external devices have sufficient storage available for all the selected files to back up.
If not you should click on Format the external device to empty the device's space so you can copy all files in that device.

Choosing external devices for backup

Step 6: Initiating the backup process

After selecting the external device click on the Export button to initiate the backup process. and the final and last stage after the backup is completed 100%, make sure the video is exported successfully to the external storage device.

final export image for backup video