Difference between Analog and IP Cameras | Analog vs IP Surveillance


If you are a security professional, CCTV installer or CCTV salesman then very sure you have asked many times what is difference between IP cameras and Analog cameras.
Why buy IP cameras instead of Analog cameras.
Why the cost of cameras is so different with the same megapixels both have. 

Let's know the differences and specifications of both Analog and IP-based systems in this article.
Analog camera is the traditional camera used in CCTV. The main difference between Analog and Digital CCTV Cameras is the way to record and process the video and store it in the recorder.
Analog camera records the videos over a coaxial cable in analog format and sends it to the DVR to process and compress the video file and store it in the hard drive. 
On the other hand, IP cameras record videos over UTP cables in digital format and record videos on a hard disk. IP cameras are also independent in nature. It is not compulsory to have a CCTV recorder to record the vid, due to these features IP cameras are also platform-independent. With the help of network switch and video management software, you can record video on a computer, cloud or any other hosting computer.

The following Image depicts the Network Video Recorder or IP Cameras recorder:

Check out this image It has RJ-45 input so this is a Network Video Recorder here can connect to IP network cameras.

The following Image depicts the Digital Video Recorder or Analog Cameras Recorder:

Check out this image It has BNC input so this is a Digital Video Recorder here can connect to traditional analog cameras.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of cameras but if you consider it for your home or small store and price is an issue then you can go with the Analog system. Detail Specification and Differentiation below:

Analog CamerasIP-Cameras
Physically you can say Analog cameras are dumb they have eyes but no brainBut IP cameras have smart features so you can say they have a digital eye with a brain.
Analog cameras did transmission over coaxial cables like RG6 or RG59 + power.On the other hand, the IP camera's transmission source is UTP cables like Cat6 or Cat5e.
An Analog system recorder can connect a maximum of 32 cameras.

An IP system recorder can connect 256 cameras simultaneously and with the help of a video management system and network CCTV switch, can connect more than 256 cameras.
Analog System is an old traditional technology system
IP-Cameras have advanced technology which provides AI capabilities like Facial recognition, Alert on motion detection

Analog camera installation is quite simple, There are no networking skills needed for installation of the analog cameras, just some date time and password selection and your DVR is ready to store videos coming from analog cameras.

IP camera installation on a large basis needs some networking skills,
Nowadays most manufacturers make IP camera installation very simple with just a plug-and-play environment.
Analog system is a cost-effective and cheaper than IP-based systems.
IP cameras are getting cheaper with time like any other technology. But with the comparison of Analog systems, you have to pay more.
Need another cable or external power source for power to cameras.
The power over Ethernet (POE) option is available for IP cameras so data and power can carry just one UTP cable.
The security of Analog cameras is compromised easily. There is no encryption in analog cameras, With the small and making cut outside can hack easily with analog cameras.The security of IP cameras is much more advanced and encrypted than Analog systems. Every camera has a web interface and is password protected.
The resolution of analog cameras is generally low than IP cameras that's why storage costs are low.

All IP cameras have high resolution that's why we need high storage, so the cost of hard disk storage is increased.

The Maximum resolution supported by an Analog camera is Up to 8 MP or 4K.

IP cameras can record Up to 30 MP or beyond.


Both Analog systems and IP systems can monitor the site with mobile.
Nowadays most companies make recorders with hybrid technology so both IP and analog cameras can work simultaneously.