Download Free Hikvision IVMS-4200 Client Software: Introduction, Advantage & Features

 IVMS-4200 Client is a revolutionary free software designed and developed by video surveillance market leader Hikvision Digital Technology. It is compatible with almost all Hikvison devices. It provides video management solutions to small businesses to enhance security to the next level.

IVMS stands for Intelligent Video Management System. It is designed to manage Hikvision devices like DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras, IP doorbell systems and Access control as well. It provides a centralised platform for video monitoring, playback, device configuration and management.

IVMS comes with multilanguage support. Currently, it supports 33 languages including Chinese, Arabic and English etc.

Ivms-4200 Client

Where to Download IVMS-4200:

Click on this Link or the below image.

IVMS-4200 Download Link

Key features of IVMS 4200 typically include:

Device Adding and Removing:

  • IVMS can add multiple devices at the same time.

  • Just add the device with the help of their IP address and the device’s username and password.

  • Grouping all the devices and can monitored in an organised way with just one single click.

Device Configuration:

  • IVMS-4200 Client allows users to configure the devices for the first time.

  • Allow user to adjust camera resolution, frame rate, motion detection, PTZ preview patrol configuration etc.

  • It allows the user to Initialize the hard disk and configure the network for remote access.

Live View:

  • Allows users to monitor multiple cameras in real time.

  • IVMS4200 support 64 cameras on a normal screen and on a wide screen it supports 48 divisions.

  • The window can be customised manually.

  • Support smart linkage


  • Enables users to review recorded footage from surveillance cameras.

  • Support instant playback, normal playback and event playback as well.

  • Support 16 cameras playback at once.

  • You can export video with the help of IVMS4200

Alarm Management: 

Alerts users to events or alarms the surveillance system triggers.

Map Functionality: 

Allows users to create maps and link cameras to specific locations for easy navigation.

User Management: 

IVMS allow strong user management features for authentication and access control. Can assign specific permission to the user based on the task they need to perform, including viewing live video, playback, PTZ control and system configuration etc.

Firmware Management:

IVMS-4200 can manage firmware updates for connected devices. This ability enhances the security, compatibility and performance of the connected devices.